Concept work

Over the years i have done concept work on different games- sometimes following through to final artwork depending on the project.

While it’s not something I’ve been primarily employed for, I do love the challenge of coming up with art in different styles.

Work from “Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness”, “Explodemon”, Ideaworks concepts and “Webmob” ad.


9 thoughts on “Concept work

  1. Thanks for posting some of the AOD artwork, nice to finally see some of it in better quality. Any chance of a blog post about some of it?
    Especially the opening schematic/logo and the Sanglyph design.

    • Cheers for that Aussie! The majority of the Concept work done on the game was by James Kenny, a fantastic artist. I was asked to contribute some backstory art that became more used as the game matured.
      I don’t have time to do apost at the moment but i will happpily put one up during the summer. Esentially the concept was that Eckhardt and the Nephilim have been around for hundreds of years, harvesting essential minerals from humans that would defeat the aging process.
      The glove which is used ot harvest the minerals fitted into the sanglyph shield. When are 5 sections were connected they became the equivalent of a particle accelerator with the ability to re-arrange the protons and neutrons inside a molecule- Alchemy for want of a better term.
      If you look at the Tomb Raider AOD logo, you can see the image of a particle smashed to bits in the wheels. The same type of spiral is encrusted in the Sanglyph and the glove, albeit in a medieval fashion. The anatomy sketches were meant to be Da Vinci sketches showing early tests and attempts at immortality.

  2. Thanks for the super fast reply paschlor, and the explanation. I have to admit despite the obvious similarity to Da Vinci’s notes I never made the connection in the style till I saw it actually spelled out, I am hopeless.

    Some of the fans are wondering about the writing, they should eventually turn up here themselves to ask. No hurry with the blog, we have all waited 10 years, a bit longer is not going to hurt, and at least we now know where to ask questions. James Kenny unfortunately lost a lot of the work he did for the game, but still he has been very helpful, and we do have a lot of his art from different sources. But you were always the mystery man, took us a while to work out who did that logo. And I only found out recently looking at another video elsewhere, that you did those pages we were so intrigued by.

  3. There’s some fantastic imagery here that I’ve never seen before – thank you for uploading them!
    Thanks for going into a bit of detail in regards to the Sanglyph, too. Pretty fascinating concept that those early sketches were actually Da Vinci ones. Like Aussie, I can’t believe I hadn’t figured that out by now!

    Regarding the AoD Logo/wheel – for years I’ve thought that tied into the Nephilim and was in fact some form of ‘Star-map’ for their origins (or the ‘watchers’) because some of the symbols are similar to constellations. Was this ever intended to be implied, or were the symbols simply for decorative purposes (or to imply the connection between celestial bodies and Alchemy)?

    I may have read far too much into it, but 10 years of AoD fandom and research on the topics it presents (along with old unused story concepts from Tomb Raider 1 connecting to the Nephilim) has taken its toll on my imagination.

    I look forward to any further information you’re able to divulge!
    Thanks again for showing your work.

  4. Thank you Rivendell!
    In the next two week si’m going to do a blog Post (never thought i’d be doing that!) about the work- but here’s some quick answers.
    The idea behind the writing was that it was meant to be a code or certain language for the Nephilim, there was never a meant to be a cipher, so the writing was written in a randome way. I’l post all the work soon, including the design process for the letters.
    Most of the writing and design was done before Murti came on with his decisive input, the idea was that the language would remind you of old Alchemy books and “secret” manuals, but it had room to go a lot of ways. I concepted out a lot of ideas, including a number system, which i might have backed up somewhre.
    But essentially these words were deliberate gibberish- i was afraid of writing something that might be misinterpreted in non Roman languages (Arabic, Chinese) so instead i twisted letters so the alphabet had a logic in terms of being to write out pages, the majority of the letters are normal ones rotated 90 degrees with some flourishes added. Again my thinking was not to write something that would offend in another culture, so hence having a backup process if it was ever found to be unintentionally offensive.
    As for the celsestial wheel- well it’s a bit of a longer story, but the shortened version is that it 23 different layers sketched then composited together in Photoshop! After i had my inital design – the central hub, i was thinking purely in terms of negative shapes and the ability to have differnet elements looping in background. The idea of a star map fitted those design ideas, but there was no “hidden” key withing in. I was thining roughly of celestial bodies when i drew it, but i also hid all the names of my family inside it for a bit of fun! Sorry, there was no hidden master plan when i drew it, although it evolved over the two years of the game to become a more complex image. The same goes for the Sanglyph and the wriitng.
    Give me a week or two and i’ll try to give the whole story to the images.

    I must say I am extremely flattered in all the interest! While i had great fun designing this back story, the two men who really are the ones to talk to are Murti and James, although it was a very collaborative process and many other people threw in their 2 cents during the making of thee game.
    More to follow- promise!

  5. Thank you for sharing all the artwork from Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness. I really love it as well as the other concept art and the game itself. Is there any chance to see more?
    I would loved to know what is written next to this. Is it the same Nephilim language? From what I see it shows the metal pieces hidden in the Obscura paintings and the Obscura Engravings next to them but is there said where Obscura paintings hidden in it? I am curious to know where the other paintings were apart those under the Louvre and The Vaulth Of Trophies.

    • Sorry for never seeing your link before now- this is the worlds latest reply.
      The five symbols on the left are the 5 parts of the Sanglyph. Each was meant to represent one of the 4 elements. The fifth part was meant to represent the soul in spiritual terms, but in the ‘magic’ logic of the game it is where the four elements fused to make new ones. The reason why the fifth one was blank was because the notes were incomplete , but he knew they were connected. It was going to a an image like a star map, resembling something like this:

      Which tied into the design on the metal glove parts… as you can see above.

      Anyways it’s a all a bit of fun!

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